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Suzanne J Warfield

Author and Owner of Willowood Kennel

Suzanne J Warfield is a fiction author who lives on a small farm in east-central Pennsylvania where she owns and operates a posh boarding kennel.


Suzanne's books, "The Deal Breaker" and "Puck and Minnie: All That Is" are available on as both a print volume and a Kindle book.

In addition, her flash fiction stories have appeared in a variety of publications. “First Lessons” has been published by Flashes in the Dark publications. “Horse Weather” is a short story accepted and published in Unclaimed Baggage, Voices of the Main Line Writers Group.  “Java Break” has been published by Pine Hill. Her poem “The Labyrinth” appears in The Rusty Nail Literary Magazine.


She is currently working on a sequel to “The Deal Breaker.” 


In her past lives, Sooz has been a fine dining bartender as well as an equine professional. She has also been a professional show dog handler and a AKC Breeder of Merit of fine Japanese Chin and spends her free time writing.

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Horse Weather

Featured Short Story

When a lifetime of living the dream of raising and training horses can take a unforeseen turn when  one choses the wrong partner.

Urban View From Above

First Lessons

Short Story

The sad but very true story about how damaging a teachers behavior can impact a small, sensitive child who is developing her gift for writing.

Not available online
Grey Beach Shores

Java Break

Short Story

What's that, you say? A tongue-in-cheek view of  spousal deafness.

Notavailable online
Published Work

The Deal Breaker


The Carriage House, a long-established, fine-dining restaurant in New York State burns as a result of arson. Love, hate, treachery, betrayal, lust, greed, and redemption are found in the ashes as the storyline teaches some hard but vital lessons of the human condition.

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Puck and Minnie

Inspirational Novella

As Puck travels through his lives learning the lessons of love and the rammifications of hate, the reader learns something about him or herself as well. Charming, lovely and full of love, this wonderful book is easy reading and appropriate for all ages. 

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Willowood Kennel


Willowood Kennel offers 24 hour stress-free boarding for small, medium, and well-behaved large dogs. We offer pickup and delivery service, as well as unique day care packages.

Willowood caters to the special needs of dogs and their families that are often overlooked by bigger commercial kennels, focusing on a peaceful, healing environment for stress-free boarding. There are no additional charges for walks, play time, medications, treats, and laundry, unlike other kennels with so many costly extras.


All dogs get three country walks daily plus play time in individual outdoor enclosures. Kennels are heated in winter and cooled in summer. A rabies certificate is required.


Families are encourage to bring their own food, bedding, toys, and anything else to ensure their dogs' comfort. Of course, multiple dogs from the same family may always stay together. 


We are open for boarding every day, including holidays, except for Christmas day. Willowood Kennel is open for your inspection at any time. Willowood offer a garden park setting with lots of shade and classical music all day for our boaders as an alternative from concrete and chainlink enclosures. It's the ultimate vacation for your fur kid. We do what we love, and it shows.

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The Soloist 3


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