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Puck and Minnie

Suzanne J Warfield

It all begins a thousand years ago on the flats of Africa and follows a wolf-dog as he makes life-altering decisions not just for himself but for the human with whom he develops a bond.  This union remains inviolable as Puck’s soul passes from one life to the next.

Puck’s story is as spiritual as it is terrestrial.  His earthly visits are interwoven with returns to The Bridge and Azul, the latter a divinity who advises Puck but does not predetermine his actions—or his fate(s).  Puck’s charge is to make good choices, something he fails to achieve when he kills a man who is attempting to harm “his” Minnie in one of her early manifestations.  This death plagues Puck throughout his ensuing lives, and his heart cannot be made pure again until he atones for his misdeed.

PUCK AND MINNIE: ALL THAT IS offers a poignant view of fear’s role in fomenting hate, and my narrative shows love possible even under the most demanding of circumstances. It’s a story that may open your mind and soul to the possibilities of the question of what if the animals of this planet are indeed, divine beings here to teach and guide us into the Heart of God, which we know as All That Is…and All That is, is Love.

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